Graffiti Meeting: KM9

Our artists gathered once more to show what they got!  This time, however there wasn’t enough walls for all of them to create freely as they usually do. Due to to the limited space available on the walls that were given to our artists they had to share spaces and put their creations very close to each other.

This was a great opportunity for our artists to show their fellowship as a a Movement.  The Graffiti Movement in the Dominican Republic.

Be aware that one of the artists requested permission from the owner of this mechanic shop to turn his bored concrete walls into an amazing piece of art.

This Graffiti Meeting was special. Anyone one coming to Santo Domingo city has to drive through KM 9. Imagine all the traffic everyday on this avenue , that connects to the biggest highway in the country: Autopista Duarte.

This time the amount of spectators was huge, people driving, walking through stopped to admire the creating of the pieces our artists started to put together from 10:00 on May 17th 2014.

New witters had the opportunity to display their at this location to thousands of people that will see their walls everyday.



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