Graffiti Meeting: Monumento a La Caña [Marzo 2014]

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  Perfect day to be out with our local graffiti writers. Our meeting location: Monumento a la Caña, located in Santo Domingo Este.

Artists from all over the city met at this location once more..

Longboarders, Public Figures, Designers, rapidly appeared at the scene, along with residents of the area, curious to see the new graffiti being elaborated by our artists .  Children as always very excited running around asking questions and of course trying to obtain free spray cans , to start tagging.

Our Artist Mikusy Montana disagrees with Buffing other writers. But the location left no other choice than to bring a new piece to life.

His piece a this location is a very particular one. Everyone present felt identified with the character on the wall: a DNCD Agent ( Local DEA Department) anyone out in the streets of Santo Domingo has seen them around.


We love to Hear form hear from U !

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