About Mikusy Montana: Graffiti Writer , MC



“Mikusy Montana” Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 1983. Named after his father Franklin Soto Castillo.

Mikusy’s work can be found on selected art galleries, as well as on the streets of Santo Domingo City, Punta Cana, Puerto Plata and other provinces of the Dominican Republic.

Mikusy Montana is the one of the leading Dominican Graffiti Artist of a generation, that emerged under the influences of international Pioneers on the Graffiti movement such as “Banski”.

Mikusy High School studies were completed at Colegio San Pablo Apóstol. Subsequent to that he attended the Escuela de Diseños Altos de Chavon passionate about Paintwork and Sculpture. He then pursued a more conventional career aside from art and studied Marketing at Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo. As well as adding Portuguese and English to his portfolio.

Mikusy currently lives in Santo Domingo East. He’s an active Graffiti Writer, MC.

He has been invited to participate on several Social/ Commercial projects promoting graffiti as form of art, not vandalism.

Currently working in association with national and international partners developing a non profit organization through his clothing brand : MKS to donate, promote, support and encourage children in the Dominican society to obtain formal Art Education. Specially on Paintworks.

Mikusy is also currently at the recording studio, developing a music project. No details have been released yet.





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