Words from Mikusy Montana

MikusyMontana Graffiti Writer, MC

MikusyMontana Graffiti Writer, MCREW:

My Crew is integrated by All Graffiti Writers/ Artists that believe in Homology and Progress of our movement. I do not belong to any particular “Crew” since Crews were formed by youngsters influenced  by my work with the Graffiti Meetings (events where I call all the artists active to participate and paint a long wall where we are allowed to spend the day painting while we have a DJ playing,  MCs Freestyling, Breakdancers doing their moves and SkateBoarders/BMX riders doing tricks right on the street) they felt identified and started participating in “The Graffiti Movement” in our country. Then, these Crews started to form.   There were other crews from some Old School Bombers but with time the writers stopped writing and the crews spread out.  I don’t like Crews because division is against my principles which are to spread out to the world our Art & Union among all members , which would represent strengthening our Urban Sub-Culture.


I started when I was just a kid. At the beginning only because I felt that need to be known, following the trends of living in “the hood” in which all kids would pick an Alias and write it in as many public spaces as possible, this is known as : Bombing. After evolving and applying artistic knowledge and more complex techniques, convoking other artist to participate in a better organized way to change the concept of “Vandalism” to “Urban Art”. Graffiti is a vehicle to transmit Positive Messages to society and achieve Acceptance and Recognition first from the media and then from all member of society.


I like to make statement about: Preservation of Natural Resources, No Violence,  Free Speech, Education, Social Work, thus promoting My Brand.


Is very wide,  I like Wildstyle, Throw Ups, Landscapes and Characters so I like to say my style is “Free”




We love to Hear form hear from U !

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