“Por Amor al Arte”

On Sunday February 9th 2014, again we gathered as a Graffiti Movement to give back to our community. We decided all, to embellish a “callejon” this is the word in English for Alley in a Santo Domingo Este neighborhood: El Duarte. People use this as a shortcut to cross between side streets to the main one close to Charles de Gaulle Street.

The overall reaction was a hit!, People from all over this are came to appreciate our efforts, from very young children who already wanted to hold spray cans in their hands and learn right then and there how to make graffitis to elder citizens who were rushed by curiosity to the alley asking more information about why we do this work and also to thank The Graffiti Movement for turning an old alley into a colourful walk around the corner.

Even Policia Nacional showed up to the scene, closest streets to the alley were locked down, of course our public relations man had it all under control. He had paperwork from Ministerio de Cultura allowing all of us to BOMB these walls.

I still recall those teenagers taking pictures and uploading them to their favourite social media site to show their friends what was going on in their hood. We had the presence of great Graffiti Artist were present including Shak. And of course the new kids who have recently join the movement, everyone working on each piece with passion,.

At the same time 2 Hip Hop artists ( Male & Female) decided to take video shots on site without knowing they have chose same location,   for their upcoming Video Clips. More details will come in the future for these video releases on this blog. 

Present on site: Rasta Community, Skateboarders, BMX, Graffiti Artist, DJ’s.



We love to Hear form hear from U !

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